City on request
The Center of Appled Urbanism helps residents to set up on-demand services. We collect your wishes and find suitable businesses. To start the project, we need to gain a critical mass of interested residents, with whom we will program these spaces in the format of live discussion or workshop. For each area/service this number will be different.

If you are missing / not satisfied with the quality of services where you live, fill in yourself and/or ask your neighbours to fill out an application. Urban Center will contact you. The service is absolutely free for residents.

The Center of Urbanism of Astana will be happy to answer all your questions.
Your name
How to contact you (link to the social networks, e-mail, phone)?
Area of ​​residence?
Link to area / house / yard group (if any)?
The exact address of the house / neighborhood / quarter / complex (street name and house number / number)
Problems (what annoys you in an urban environment where you live?)
Opportunities (what inspires you where you live?)
Select the service you want to add/ change/configure in your area.
Write your wishes in free form (what qualities a service should have, what matters to you, which price segment or brand name is best for, convenient opening hours, additional services/conditions) for the services you choose.
How many people do you think are in your area who need it?
How can you participate in the project?
Questions/suggestions to the organizers of the survey?
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